The SAT used to stand for Scholastic Aptitude Test and was later changed to Scholastic Assessment Test. Now, the acronyms do not stand for anything specific. Owned and created by College Board, the SAT is a standardized test used in the United States. The idea is to provide colleges with common guidelines to compare all applicants in that year.

Each university places a different weight to the importance of the SAT. Some use it as a main factor, others understand it does not measure one’s willingness to learn. Since March 2016, College Board has revised the SAT to better reflect what a student has learned in high school, rather than testing abstract ideas and vocabulary.

The test is available seven (7) times a year and has two (2) sections including math, evidence-based reading and writing, and an optional essay. Worth 800 points each, the highest cumulative score one can achieve is 1600. College Board also offer SAT Subject Tests, to give you the option of taking tests tailored to your intended studies in higher education.

The SAT can only be taken in authorized schools and learning centers, which means one should apply at least 5 weeks ahead of the testing date. Research where your nearest center is and register accordingly. And don’t worry, you can take the test more than once to improve your scores!

Visit the Official SAT Site for more information.