Get The Most Out Of Your University!

Author: Stellour s
Published: 2017-10-31
Category: Study In China


Do you still remember those tough days of studying late into the night? Full of ambition and enthusiasm we entered into the university, but is university life the way you originally imagined? University is the first taste of freedom for many. For most of students, there is plenty of time to do whatever they want and to pursue all their dreams. However, there are still some who simply let the time pass like sand in an hourglass, missing opportunities as they pass by. If you think you haven't capitalized on your time in university but want to change this to avoid living with the regret, here are some suggestions for you:

A Proactive Role in Learning


During our university years, we have the chance to try out many different programs, learn from professional experts in diverse fields, and explore your own passions to determine our path. Make sure to put in extra effort regarding course reports, proposals and presentations, as these are all the office skills you'll need for your career down the road.



Sleep well, exercise more, and eat healthy. A lot of freshmen stay up late every night and drinking without limitation. They will find out quickly their bodies are not as healthy as they were prior to this detrimental behavior. Going to the gym often and being in good shape will increase your own confidence and improve your social life as well.

Get Involved


First of all, university’s students’ council is a great place to start. Students’ councils are a place full of valuable resources for student-led associations and initiatives. Besides, you want to invest in your own interests, right? If you like soccer, then join an intramural soccer league. Enjoy playing music or singing? Consider becoming a member of your university’s band or choir.

Furthermore, do not just restrict yourself to campus activities. Taking an internship is another great opportunity to get engaged with variety of professional people in the working place and build up your network for future career development and prospects.

Watch The News


Although most of your time in the university will probably focus on learning and becoming an expert in your field, don't forget to spend some time staying up to date on the latest news. Domestic and worldwide news can help keep you in the loop and make you more involved and engaged when meeting new people. Consider watching Joe Rogan, Vice, or some other really popular TV shows. These can help you get connected internationally while also expanding your perspective.

Begin a Relationship


Being loved up at university is great for your personal development. Having someone to always support you while also teaching you how to support someone in their own ambitions is a key factor in developing proper social skills. If you’re with the right partner, you will find unconditional support and guidance through one of the most stressful times in your young-adult life.

You will always have him / her to solve problems together or to pull "all- nighters" studying in the library. As a couple, you can start to be more considerate to people and learn how to give, and how to not take others for granted. Needless to say, your first mature relationship, whether during university or after, will teach you a great deal about the world, yourself, and your place in it.

Go Abroad


Just want to make it clear! This isn’t just about getting the chance to go on a glorified vacation (I know that is an obvious attraction). More importantly than this though is that you can gain amazing experience while taking a course at a foreign university, learn a new language, and so on. All of these are things that can make your professional portfolio and personal background more competitive in an increasingly global job market.

Also, when you make the decision to go study abroad, it not only allows you to have the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in a brand new culture, but you'll also witness first-hand the local working/academic culture of the local community. Accordingly, this will broaden your personal perspectives on your own learning and show the practical value of education.

There are countless ways for you to experience and get the most out of your time in university. The best thing you can do is to deeply consider where, but also how you want to attend your university. While location is a crucial factor in shaping your perspective, the most fundamental and important influence on your education, experience, and professionally development is ultimately your own attitude.